Hello, this is me.

Half mess, half holding it together.

Hey friends, I’m Lauren a boring, white, 25 year-old just trying to figure it out. I’m a Michigan grad who has been working in advertising the last 3+ years. I started this blog in an effort to assure others as well as myself that it’s ok not to know what you want, what’s next or how you’re going to get there. As someone with a million different interests and hobbies, it can seem impossible to make decisions about what I want in life.

Recently, I’ve bonded with many friends, family members and strangers over feelings of confusion, anxiety and complacency for not knowing where to begin to figure out what the heck to do in life. I think this generation has a lot of “the grass is always greener somewhere else” mentality, and that extends into many aspects in our lives — career, dating, etc. Hence, why I’ll also be likely oversharing my own dating theories, stories, advice, etc.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, suggestions or feedback!