Does anyone know what they're doing?

The Search for Contentment and Battle Against Complacency


Hey there I’m Lauren,

The new voice of all young millennials….jk. If you’re reading this you’re probably my mom or I paid you.

Even though I turned 25 this year and thus began my official aged-deemed quarter-life crisis, I feel like I’ve been in a state of constant confusion and somewhat uncertain about my future for the last 4+ years. These feelings certainly didn’t come out of the blue when I turned the big two-five. While I know that I have been incredibly fortunate, I’m always questioning ‘what’s next’ as I ebb and flow through periods of contentment and complacency.

And while at times it can be lonely, I know that I am not alone in these feelings. Whether you’re straight out of college and don’t know where to start or have had a 10-year career in a field you’re not passionate about, we all have these “crises” about what we’re doing with our lives, how to find meaning, the fear of the unknown and how the heck we figure out what we want to do for the foreseeable future, let alone the next 40+ years until retirement. 

The societal norms and expectations of where we should be in our careers, when to settle down and start a family, and the constant comparisons to our peers’ success all contribute to these feelings of confusion and anxiety. I think this phase extends far beyond the mid-life and quarter-life crises stereotypes (purchasing a motorcycle at age 50 or a career change at 25), but is pervasive through every year in the lives of many 20 and 30 something year-olds these days, and probably beyond.

Not to say that everyone experiences these feelings or stages, and yeah, I’ll be the first to admit a lot of these are privileged problems to have. Having the freedom to decide what you want to do versus getting a job to make ends meet are very different scenarios, and by no means am I attempting to say that we all face the same challenges.

However, many of us are clueless, unsatisfied or complacent just skating by. I hope to dive deeper into some of these topics and hopefully assure some people that it’s ok not to have it all figured out and maybe together we can inspire one another.


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